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(Other key War of 1812 events are in bold)


June 22

Chesapeake-Leopard Affair


September 30

Gin Riot at Hampstead Hill (Patterson Park), Baltimore City


June 18

War declared on England

June 22

Riots occur at the office of Federal Republican at NW Gay and Water St, Baltimore City

July 27-29

Riots occur at the second office of the Federal Republican and County Jail, Baltimore City

October 13

Battle of Queenston Heights, Ontario Canada. British Major General Isaac Brock is killed during the fighting.


April 24

Poole’s Island is the staging point for British raids, Harford County

April 27

American’s capture York (now Toronto, Canada)

April 29

Skirmish of Elkton, Cecil County

April 29

Skirmish of Frenchtown, Cecil County

May 3

Skirmish of Havre de Grace, Harford County

May 3

Principio Iron Works, producer of cannon and ordinance, is burned by the British, Cecil County

May 5

Skirmish of Fredericktown and Georgetown, Cecil and Kent Counties

May 6

Town of Charlestown capitulates to the British, Cecil County


Mary Pickersgill is contracted by Lt. Col. George Armistead to make two flags for Fort McHenry, Baltimore City

August 10

Battle of St. Michaels, Talbot County

August 13

Repulsed raid of Queenstown, Queen Anne's County

August 26

Skirmish of St. Michael’s, Talbot County

September 13

Oliver H. Perry’s victory on Lake Erie



Raid of Graham Landing, Calvert County

June 1

Raid of St. Jerome's Creek, St. Mary's County

June 1

Naval Skirmish off Cedar Point, St. Mary's County

June 8 -10

First Battle of St. Leonard Creek, Calvert County

June 8

Raid of Rousby Hall, Calvert County

June 10

Comm. Joshua Barney ambushes a British Barge near Spout Farm, Calvert County

June 12

Raid of Broomes Island, Calvert County

June 14

Raid of Sotterley, St. Mary's County

June 16

Skirmish of Hall's Creek, Calvert County

June 16

Raid of Lower Marlborough, Calvert County

June 17

Raid of Magruder's Landing, Prince George's County

June 18

Raid of Coles Landing, St. Mary's County

June 18

Raid of Ballard's Landings (Lower Marlborough), Calvert County, Maryland

June 19

Skirmish of Benedict, Charles County

June 26

Raid of Point Patience, Calvert County

June 26

Second Battle of St. Leonard Creek, Calvert County

June 30

Raid of Chaptico, St. Mary’s County

July 2

Raid of  St. Leonard Town, Calvert County

July 5

Battle of Chippewa, Canada

July 17

Town of Huntingtown is burned by the British, Calvert County

July 19

Raids of Leonardtown and  Prince Frederick, St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties

July 25

Battle of Lundy’s Lane, Canada

August 2

Raid of Brenton Bay, St. Mary's County

August 4

Raid of Slaughter Creek, Dorchester County

August 11-12

Raid of St. Mary's River, St. Mary's County

August 18

Raid of Eastern Bay, Talbot County

August 19

British land at Benedict to begin their march to Washington, DC, Charles County

August 19

Raid of St. Leonard Town, Calvert County

August 20

Raid of Rock Hall, Kent County

August 20

Raid of Worton Creek, Kent County

August 21

Nottingham occupation, Prince George's County

August 22

Skirmish at Pig Point, Anne Arundel County

August 22

Skirmish at Bellefields, Prince George’s County

August 23

British Major General Robert Ross and Rear Admiral Coburn dine at Melwood, Prince George’s County

August 24

Battle of Bladensburg, Prince George's County

August 24 British troops capture and burn Washington, D.C.

August 24

Addison Chapel serves as temporary British headquarters, Prince George’s County

August 24

British occupy Mt. Calvert, Prince George's County

August 24

The Lion is burned by the British near Hancock’s Resolution, Anne Arundel County

August 26

Brookeville serves as the U.S. Capitol for the day

August 26 or 27

Dr. William Beanes is taken from his Upper Marlboro home by the British, Prince George’s County

August 27

Destruction of Fort Warburton(Fort Washington), Prince George's County

August 28 & 30

Raid of Fairlee Creek, Kent County

Aug 28 – Sept 3

British occupation of Alexandria, Virginia

August 30

Battle of Caulk's Field, Kent County


Occupation of Blackistone Island, St. Mary's County

September 3-6

White House skirmish (Belvoir Mansion), Fairfax County, Virginia

September 5

Indian Head skirmish, Charles County

September 7

Georgetown lawyer Francis Scott Key and U.S. Agent for the exchange of prisoners John Stuart Skinner board the HMS Tonnant to negotiate the release of Dr. William Beanes, St. Mary’s County

September 11

Battle of Plattsburg, Lake Champlain

September 12

Raid of Sollers House, Sollers Point, Baltimore County

September 12

British land at North Point (Fort Howard) to begin land invasion of Baltimore, Baltimore County

September 12

British Major General Robert Ross is mortally wounded (near the present day Aquila Randall monument) during the Battle of North Point, Baltimore County

September 12

Battle of North Point, Baltimore County

September 12

British burn Todd’s Inheritance, and American signal station, Baltimore County

September 12-15

Battle of Baltimore , Baltimore City

September 13

British land advance retreats from Hampstead Hill (Patterson Park), Baltimore City

September  14

Early morning British landing attempt is repelled by flotillamen at Fort Babcock, Baltimore City

September 14

Francis Scott Key views the American flag flying over Fort McHenry after the bombardment and is inspired to write a poem entitled the “Defence of Fort M'Henry

September 17

Baltimore American prints the first copies of  Defence of Fort M'Henry” as handbills, Baltimore City

Sept 18-19

Drum Point events, Calvert County

September 20

Baltimore Patriot is the first news office to print “Defence of Fort M'Henry” as part of the newspaper, Baltimore City


Raid of Castle Haven, Dorchester County

October 27

Tracys Landing skirmish, Anne Arundel County

October 30

Raid of St. Inigoe’s, St. Mary’s County

January 8

Battle of New Orleans

January 12

Raid of Lakes Cove, Dorchester County

February 7

Skirmish of Taylor's Island, Dorchester County

February 17

Treaty of Ghent signed by Madison at Octagon House, Washington, DC

This list was created from information in the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement (National Park Service, US Department of the Interior, Northeast Region, March 2004) and The War of 1812 in the Chesapeake: A Reference Guide to Historic Sites in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia by Ralph E.Eshelman, Scott S. Sheads and Donald R. Hickey (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010)

Overall timeline of the War of 1812


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