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A Sailor's Life for Me (online game and education War of 1812 resource)
Canadian Campaign of the War of 1812 (readings and questions)
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (readings and questions)
Educational Resource Handbook: General Resource Guide (Star-Spangled Banner resources)
Events Leading to the War of 1812 (readings and questions)
Fort McHenry and the Star-Spangled Banner (links to supplementary resources)
Star-Spangled Banner (music, sing-along words, and images)
Star-Spangled Banner (online exhibits)
Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Feasibility Study map (jpg or PDF)
War of 1812 (resources including PowerPoint presentations)
War of 1812 (list of useful links)
War of 1812 (readings and questions)
War of 1812 (General) (assessment questions)
War of 1812 (General) (links to websites)
War of 1812 (General) (links to documents/primary sources/and other resources)
War of 1812 Events (Webquest)
War of 1812 Events and Major Battles (links to photographs and descriptions)
War of 1812 in Maryland  (interactive online activities)

Teaching American History in Maryland: Documents for the Classroom
Battle Of North Point, September 12, 1814
Bringing Down the House: The Burning of the White House in the War of 1812
Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland
Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner 
Mary Pickersgill: Maker of the Star-Spangled Banner 


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